From Stutter to Stage with Alan Cote

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Alan Cote helps people to Be The Next Step in their Life’s Journey

Alan is an Award Winning International Professional Speaker. In his presentation "From Stutter to Stage" he shares his journey managing obstacles to success!

Alan is the Founder, Director, CEO of “Be The Next Step” as a discussion of the journey of personal and professional life. He shares tips, tools, and techniques to shift your life to your next level through positive habits, goal setting, and life-long learning. Alan’s life focus stems from his own personal development growing up with severe stutter and overcoming the handicap decades into his Engineering Career. Alan has since built a business as an Award Winning International Professional Speaker. He maintains his skills as a DTM (a Distinguished Toastmaster displaying leader and speaker skills), a qualified member in National Speakers Association, and motivated student at Stage Time University.

Alan believes that coaching other people to find the steps in success will not only save them time, but create a positive lifestyle that will enhance their personal, family, and business. People will experience a LIFE that exceeds all their expectations and therefore having less stress, happier experiences, and financial and spiritual prosperity. AND makes the world a better place, one person at a time!

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