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Albert Einstein said that “Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” On episode 10 of the Unshakable Habits podcast, my guest Jacob Craig from the Inspiring Leaders Collective shows you how he took that idea to the next level by studying and implementing the strategies of 6 leaders in the health and fitness space.

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Jacob Craig is an author who researches and writes on various thought leaders in the self-improvement space. 

After struggling with weight loss and working hard to build healthy habits, he was able to find a diet & exercise plan that works for him and he helps others do the same. 

The experts he studies and writes about have collectively influenced millions in a positive manner and they continue to do so.

Jacob recently published his first book, Inspiring Leaders in Health & Fitness, Vol. 1 and is currently working on his second title, Inspiring Leaders in Motivation & Success, Vol. 1. While writing is the core of his work, he also livestreams his morning routine to help others start their day off on the right foot and is working tirelessly to help share this information with others to help them improve their lives.

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About the Author Stephen Box

Inspired by his own 80lb weight loss, Stephen Box has dedicated over a decade to the fitness and wellness industry helping others achieve better health by taking their habits from unsustainable to unshakable - without relying on willpower.⁣

He is a habit-change specialist, motivational speaker, and host of the Unshakable Habits podcast. Stephen holds certifications as an Elite Fitness Trainer, Transformation Specialist, Online Fitness Trainer, and Sports Nutritionist.⁣

When he's not helping clients or speaking he enjoys doing Bible study, spending time with his wife Marclyn, co-hosting the Play Callers Sports Talk Show, or catching the latest Marvel movie.

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