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Who we serve

Our listeners are passionate about developing the right habits for in five key areas: health, mindset, relationships, faith, and professional growth.

Who is our perfect guest?

We're looking for experts who can blend powerful stories and real life examples to provide unique insights to our listeners in a wide range of topics including time management, exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress management, mindset, and relationships.  

Where to find the podcast

The Unshakable Habits Podcast is heard by nearly 20k people every week across 18 different podcast networks and on WDJY FM Atlanta Tuesday mornings from 7:00 - 8:00 AM. Click here to find us on your favorite podcast network.

How long are the interviews?

Depending which guest package you choose, interviews are either 10-15 minutes (segment), 15-25 minutes (solo episode), or 60 minutes (cut into 4 separate episodes).

How are interviews recorded & Published?

All interviews are recorded remotely via StreamYard. All interviews will have a separate audio/video recording for each speaker as well as a full interview. We will publish both an audio only and video version of your interview.

How to get started

Thanks for your interest in being on Unshakable Habits. Below, you'll find our guest packages and our guest application. Please fill out the application and indicate which tier is the best fit for you. If we think you'll be an awesome guest, we'll reach out to schedule a pre-interview call to learn a little more about you before booking your actual interview.

Our Application Process

Fill out the application below

Choose the guest package that best fits your needs and help us get to know you better by completing the application below. We review all applications within 72 hours.

Schedule Your Pre-Interview Call

After submitting your application, you can just kick your feet up and relax. If you're application is accepted, we'll reach out to you via email to book a 15-20 minute pre-interview call. This is our opportunity to connect, make sure it's the right fit, finalize topics, and answer any question you have.

Book Your Interview

Congratulations! We have pretty high standards for our guests and if you've made it this far, we think you're pretty awesome and have valuable wisdom to share. At the end of your pre-interview call, we'll provide you the link to book your interview.

guest Packages

Reach a highly engaged audience actively looking to make positive changes in their life with a guest spot on Unshakable Habits!

Segment guest



  • One 5-10 minute segment to discuss one topic.
  • One website and one social media link in show notes.

Expert guest

Most Popular



  • Full 15-25 minute interview episode that highlights your expertise. 
  • Interview segment on WDJY FM Atlanta (18k weekly listeners).
  • One 30-90 second promotional reel
  • Website link, up to 5 social media links, and one promotional link in show notes

Featured guest



  • Four 15-25 minute episodes over the week (recorded in a single 60-minute session)
  • Full episode aired on WDJY FM Atlanta (18k weekly listeners)
  • Three 30-90 second reels (one per topic)
  • Website link, up to 5 social media links, full bio, and one promotional link in show notes.
  • Copy of your unedited audio/video

Podcast Guest Application

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What makes your perspective on these topics unique?
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