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Stephen helped be develop healthier eating habits and exercise routines that helped me lose 25 pounds in the first 3 months of his program.

Thanks to his much-needed kick in the pants, I was able to lower my daily stress levels and successfully lose weight that before seemed impossible.

I'm now the lowest weight I've been in over ten years.

Josh Comstock

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Stephen balanced teaching and pushing me extremely well, which got the best our of me - whether it was workouts, nutrition, or helping me find the time to work it all into my schedule.

Colin Vanatta

I've always struggled to stay consistent, especially when things get busy at work but Stephen has helped me learn to stay on track to reach my health and fitness goals. He is great at building on strengths and overcoming weaknesses to produce results.

Chris Amato

I'm Stephen Box

Stephen Box is the founder of Unshakable Habits and the host of the Unshakable Habits Podcast.

Inspired by his own 80lb weight loss, Stephen Box is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) who has dedicated over a decade to helping others achieve deep health. 

Stephen also holds certifications as an Elite Fitness Trainer, PN Level 2 Master Health Coach, Online Fitness Trainer, Sports Nutritionist, and Sleep, Stress Management, and Recovery Coach.