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    We Meet:

    Every Saturday at 11:00 AM EST

    Joining the Unshakable Habits book club is like supercharging your brain. 

    Reading regularly has been shown to increase empathy, enhance brain connectivity, and improve mental flexibility, allowing for better problem solving skills. 

    Additionally, it has been shown to boost memory, concentration, and help reduce stress - all powerful tools for helping you get more done.

    However, simply reading and obtaining information isn't enough. In the words of G.I. Joe, "Knowing is only half the battle."

    That's where the power of have a group of other growth-minded people to support you as you implement that knowledge can 10x your results.

    Why you'll love it here:
    • Books That Inspire: Every book is carefully chosen specifically to help you create positive change and momentum in your life. Whether it about mastering your mindset, building better health, becoming a better leader, or creating deeper connections in your relationships, each book leads towards a better you.
    • A Community: Every week, you get to meet with other growth-minded people to share insights, celebrate progress, and motivate each other to reach new heights together.
    • An Experienced Guide: As a coach with over a decade of coaching experience in health, wellness, and behavior change, I'm here to share unique insights and actionable takeaways. 
    • Designed For A Busy Lifestyle: Whether you're an avid reader or someone who finds moments to read in a busy schedule, we'll meet you where you're at. Rather than trying to force a book into a set time frame, we'll read just 1-2 chapters per week. 
    Here's what else you need to know:
    • If you are unable to do the reading that week or get the book for whatever reason, no problem. You can still come to listen in and learn.
    • Participation is encouraged but not required. You can leave your camera and mic off the entire time if you want.
    • We're all here to grow and each of us is at a different point in our journey. We want to offer a space where people can ask questions and share their insights without judgement.
    • All sessions are private and we do not stream or record them. While we know some people want to be able to review recordings, we've found that not recording the sessions leads to higher engagement and creates a safe space for people to express themselves.
    • Each session is 60 minutes long, and it's completely FREE!
    • We read 1-2 chapter per week and then discuss them during the call. 
    • We meet every Saturday at 11:00 AM EST

    our current book:


    by Tasha Eurich

    Join The Unshakable Habits Virtual Book Club

    It's 100% free and you get to hang out with other growth-minded people.

      *We promise to never sell your info but might occasionally send you some awesome resources. You can unsubscribe any time. Privacy Policy

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