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Elevate Your Every day with powerful routines for thriving health, relationships, and growth 

Master Key Habits Across 5 Essential Areas in Just 90 Days — Guided by Expert Coaching to help you:

  • Build a strong mind and body that is ready to handle life's challenges head-on.
  • Unlock Daily Energy and Focus to Become a Productivity Powerhouse.
  • Elevate your relationships and create deeper connections at home, work, and in your community.
  • Grow in your faith and connect to a greater purpose.
  • Quickly gain the skills and confidence to achieve your goals with minimal stress

"The Habit Coach" Stephen Box

Expert Contributor For: 

It's Time To Build The Habits That Build The Life You Want

Building the right habits is hard enough - sticking with them long enough to see the results you want can be even harder. It requires a whole new set of skills and abilities, most of which are counterintuitive to what comes naturally to most people who are incredibly goal and growth minded. It's a common problem, but one that is solved with the right tools.

Like anything else, building the right habits is about doing the right things, the right way, and in the right order. Relying on willpower or guessing your way through is a recipe for failure. Fortunately, you don't need to do that because I've already done the hard work for you and I'm ready to guide you and show you the way.

You want a life where:

  • You’re in control of your days, instead of them controlling you.
  • You’re healthy, physically, mentally and spiritually. 
  • You feel fully connected to the important people in your life.
  • You’re growing professionally

But instead, you might find that...

  • At least 2-3 days each week ends feeling like you’ve barely scratched the surface on your to-do list.
  • You've broken at least one promise to yourself to consistently prioritize your health in the last 3 months.
  • You're bringing work home with you just to keep up. This leads to tension and disconnect in your relationships with family, and leaves you with little time for yourself.
  • Constant distractions and a lack of motivation often knock your goals for personal and professional growth off track.

But, if you had the knowledge and skills to turn the daily chaos into a life of clarity and purpose, maybe then you'd have...

Consistent habits for better health so you have the strength to handle life’s challenges and the vitality to experience life to the fullest.

Clear boundaries between work and home so you can show up as your best self in each environment - and have everyone wondering how you do it.

Time for the activities and hobbies that truly matter to you so you can bring back passion and joy to your life.

These might feel like distant dreams, but they are closer to reality than you might think. With Unshakable Routines, you can create this life in the next 16 weeks!

We’ll show you how to create habits that prioritize your health, mindset, relationships, faith, and professional growth like never before!

We’ll do it by helping you build daily and weekly routines that transform your dreams into reality, giving you back control of your life so you focus on what truly matters.

And the best part? We’ll show you how to do it without adding more stuff to your already packed day - and you’ll have a coach there guiding you every step of the way.

So, what's it going to be...

Do you want to stay stuck on the same path - overwhelmed, unsatisfied, and never having time for what you want?
Or, are you ready to take back control of your time and finally start living the life you deserve?

Ready to transform your habits? Join Unshakable Routines now!

Happy Clients

With his no-nonsense approach, Stephen will get the most out of whatever time you can give him and you WILL get results. He helped me lose 50lbs in 9 months. His down to earth, honest approach helped me learn so much about my own motivation and habits.

Chris LeFave

I've always struggled to stay consistent, especially when things get busy at work but Stephen has helped me learn to stay on track to reach my health and fitness goals. He is great at building on strengths and overcoming weaknesses to produce results.

Chris Amato

With Stephen's help, I was able to develop healthier eating habits and exercise routines that helped me lower my daily stress levels and lose 25 pounds in the first three months of his program. Thanks to his much-needed kick in the pants, I'm now the lowest weight I've been in over ten years, and it's just the beginning.

Josh Comstock

Stephen balanced teaching and pushing me extremely well, which got the best our of me - whether it was workouts, nutrition, or helping me find the time to work it all into my schedule.

Colin Vanatta

The 5 Key Areas We'll Focus On To Create Life-Changing Results

The biggest mistake most people make when building or changing their habits is not creating the right systems - which leads to either getting hyper-focused on just one area or trying to do too much at once. 

At Unshakable Habits, we've spent over a decade helping people find the right balance. That's why Unshakable Routines is more than a program—it's your roadmap to weaving those elusive habits into your daily life, making real progress in the areas that make the most difference.

body & mindset

Create habits that build a strong body and mind, you'll be ready to face life's challenges head-on.

faith & Spiritual Health

Build habits that strengthen your faith or personal beliefs, making room for what gives you peace and purpose.


We'll help you build habits to enhance the relationships that matter most to you and strengthen your support network.

Professional Growth

Discover the habits that will fuel professional growth and productivity while helping you maintain a satisfying work-life balance.

Your Unshakable Routines Journey

From Planning to Mastery


Get your personalized Habit Roadmap

60-minute kickoff call one-on-one call with your coach to help you to set your priorities, identify roadblocks, and create a personalized habit roadmap for five key areas: health, mindset, relationships, faith, and professional development.


Build out Your Perfect Day & Week

Based on your kickoff call, your coach will help you craft and build out your ideal week, focusing on three daily routines (morning, mid-day, and nighttime) and two additional routines for pre- and post-work, ensuring each habit is seamlessly integrated into your life.


Habit Building & Implementation

With the Unshakable framework, we'll work on establishing and practicing your new habits, supported by bi-weekly coaching calls for ongoing guidance and support.


Track & Adjust

As your habits become more ingrained, we'll evaluate your progress, making adjustments to ensure your routines continue to align with your evolving goals and lifestyle.

By joining Unshakable Routines, you're on the path to:

  • Building a strong mind and body that is ready to handle life's challenges head-on.
  • Unlocking Daily Energy and Focus to Become a Productivity Powerhouse.
  • Elevating your relationships and create deeper connections at home, work, and in your community.
  • Growing in your faith and connect to a greater purpose.
  • Quickly gaining the skills and confidence to achieve your goals with minimal stress

Kickstart Your Journey To Habit Mastery

Three Simple Steps to Building Routines That Create Unshakable Habits

Choose your level of support & get started today

Choose between our small group cohorts or our one-on-one VIP coaching programs and get ready to master your habits.

Schedule Your Kickoff Call & Create Your Habit Growth Map

Once you're in, we'll schedule your kick-off call to map out your plan for habit growth in five key areas: health, mindset, relationships, faith, and professional development.

Start building your new routines & celebrate your successes

Once you have your habit map, you'll work one-on-one with your coach as well as get community support to build your new habits and routines.

Access to live virtual workshops - at no additional cost

Members of our group program get access to one free virtual workshop at anytime within 12-months of joining. One-on-one VIP clients, get access to all virtual workshops within 12-months of joining - all at no additional cost.

Stephen Box - Unshakable Routines Head Coach

Meet your coach, Stephen Box

In 2009, a pivotal moment as a retail store manager led to my transformation. Witnessing my out-of-shape self on security footage, I embarked on a journey, losing 80lbs in 10 months, and igniting a passion for health and wellness.

With over a decade of experience, I'm not only a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach but also the founder of Unshakable Habits and host of the Unshakable Habits podcast. My expertise includes habit and behavior change, fitness, nutrition, sleep, and stress management.

My philosophy, Synergistic Self-Improvement, focuses on daily habits for overall health, stronger relationships, enhanced productivity and continuous growth. It's a practical approach for sustainable life changes, shared through my coaching and podcast.

Elevate your routines: Make 2024 Your Best Year Ever

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Small Group

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  • 90 days of group coaching, plus...
  • 60-minute kick-off call (one-on-one)
  • Perfect Week coaching call (one-one-one)
  • 6 live group coaching calls
  • Access to one live virtual workshop at no additional cost (valid for up to 12-months from sign-up date)
  • Only Available 3x per year

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  • Everything in group coaching, PLUS...
  • Bi-weekly 1-on-1 coaching calls
  • Access to your coach via messaging between coaching calls.
  • Access to all live virtual workshops at no additional cost (valid for 12-months from sign-up date)
  • Opportunity to join at anytime

Limited Spots Available

Unshakable VIP 

3 payments of



OR Pay in Full and Save $300

  • Everything in group and one-on-one coaching PLUS...
  • Weekly 1-on-1 coaching calls
  • Daily accountability check-ins with your coach
  • Exclusive access to VIP community
  • Opportunity to join at anytime

Limited Spots Available


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Unshakable Routines comes with a 14-day free trial period. If you're not completely wowed, you can cancel during the trial period at no cost.

I'm Here To Help...

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What Makes unshakable habits different? why should I choose you over another coach?

At Unshakable Habits we believe in the power of a personalized, client-centered approach. Here's what sets us apart:

  1. Focus on Habits, not "hacks": Instead of pushing "quick fixes" that look good on a sales page, we focus on helping our clients achieve massive, long-lasting results.
  2. Personalized approach: Your journey is unique. That's why we tailor our coaching to your individual needs, goals, and lifestyle - ensuring you get the best plan for you.
  3. Client-Centered: When you work with us, you're not just a client, you're a fellow expert. We're the experts on building habits for health, mindset, relationships, faith, and professional growth - and you're the expert on you.
  4. Synergistic Self-Improvement: Our philosophy is simple, the best way to create long-lasting results is to focus on your habit from a whole-life perspective - creating a synergy that creates sustainable changes. 
  5. Accountability and Community: When you join Unshakable Habits, you're not just getting a coach; you're becoming part of a community of supportive, like-minded individuals.
  6. Experience and Expertise: With over a decade of coaching experience and a comprehensive background in health, wellness, and behavior change, our founder Stephen Box, brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to every coaching session.

Do I need to do anything before my kick-off call?

Before your kick-off call, your coach will send you an intake questionnaire. It will take about 20 minutes to fill out and will help your coach better understand your goals, preferences, and existing routines. Your coach will use this information to help you get the most value from your kick-off call.

How will I connect with my coach?

You'll get a link to schedule any one-on-one coaching calls. Your coach will also send out links, via email, for the bi-weekly coaching calls where you can ask any questions. If you are unable to make a group call, you can submit your questions in advance and watch the replay. If you're question requires more information, your coach may reach out through email. E-mail response times are normally within 48 hours, except on weekends.

One-on-one VIP clients also have messaging access to your coach between coaching calls.

Will I have access to my coach between calls?

Group coaching clients may email their coach between calls. Typical response time is within 48 hours, except on weekends. One-on-one VIP clients will have access to message their coach and responses are usually less than 24 hours.

How often will i be billed?

Your first 14 days are on us. At the end of your 14 day trial window, you will be charged based on the plan you choose - either the full amount or your first monthly payment. If you chose a payment plan, you'll be billed 3 additional monthly payments on the same day as your initial payment.

At the end of your 16-weeks, you'll have an opportunity to sign-up for another round of coaching. 

If you want to make any changes to your plan, please contact us at hello@unshakablehabits.com.

What's your refund policy?

Unshakable Routines comes with a 14-day free trial period. You'll get two full weeks, including several coaching calls, to ensure the program is the right fit for you. If you're not completely, you can cancel during the trial period at no cost.