Maximize your prime 

expert Habit Guidance for middle-aged Men

Optimize Habits

Elevate Well-Being

Strengthen Relationships

Live Your Purpose

Maximize Your Prime

expert Habit Guidance for middle-aged Men

Optimize Habits

Elevate Well-Being

Strengthen Relationships

Live Your Purpose

"I know what I should be doing but I just need to do it"

In the words of G.I. Joe, knowing is only half the battle. The real challenge lies in turning 'knowing' into 'doing.' That's where I come in. As a Habit & Behavior Transformation Specialist, I empower men like you to bridge the gap between intention and action. Together, we'll develop personalized strategies that transform your 'should' into 'will' and 'have done.' It's about making meaningful changes that stick, enhancing your life across health, relationships, work, and mindset.

Ready to move beyond knowing to doing? Book your free roadmap call today, and let's start paving the path to your prime.

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how we help men like you

Hey, my name is Stephen Box, a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach and founder of Unshakable Habits.

I created Unshakable Habits because I didn't see a lot of people helping men look at their health from a 360 degree perspective.

  • To help you be the best version of yourself, our coaching programs focus on connected health which includes: exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress management, mindset, relationships, creating supportive environments, and finding your sense of purpose.
  • You're the expert on you and we're the experts on health and wellness. That's why our coaches are specially trained to guide you with a client-centered approach that puts you in the drivers seat.
  • You probably don't want to flip your life upside down just to get in better shape. Well, neither do we and that's why we don't promote strict diets, ridiculous workouts, or other unsustainable changes.

"The health and wellness industry mostly focuses on women. That's why I created Unshakable Habits - to give men the tools to look at their health from a 360 degree perspective"

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"I'm finally healthy, less stressed, and enjoying life!"

how you can work with us

Private coaching (online)

You'll work one-on-one with your coach to create a customized plan that meets your goals and individual support to keep you on track.

Small Group Coaching (Online)

If you're the kind of guy who does better with several accountability partners, grab a few buddies or family members to join you.

Speaking & Workshops (Virtual & In-Person)

Looking to make your workplace or organization healthier? We offer customized speaking engagements and workshops.


Book Your Roadmap Call

You'll walk away with clarity about what is keeping you "stuck" and how we can help you move forward.


Get Started Kick-Off Call

Your initial call once we start working together. We'll do a deep dive here and decide together the best place to start.


Create Your Action Blueprint

Your action blueprint is 100% custom made just for you and your goals.

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client Success Stories

Josh Comstock

I am thankful for the influence and coaching Stephen Box had on my life at the beginning of 2021. With his help, I was able to develop healthier eating habits and exercise routines that helped me lose 25 pounds in the first three months of his program.

Thanks to his much-needed kick in the pants, I'm now the lowest weight I've been in over ten years, and it's just the beginning.

With the help of Stephen's guidance, I was able to lower my daily stress levels and successfully lose weight that before seemed impossible. Thanks, Stephen!

Chris LeFave

With his no-nonsense approach, Stephen will get the most out of whatever time you can give him and you WILL get results. He helped me lose 50lbs in 9 months. His down to earth, honest approach helped me learn so much about my own motivation and habits.

Colin Vanatta

Stephen balanced teaching and pushing me extremely well, which got the best our of me - whether it was workouts, nutrition, or helping me find the time to work it all into my schedule.

Chris Amato

I've always struggled to stay consistent, especially when things get busy at work but Stephen has helped me learn to stay on track to reach my health and fitness goals. He is great at building on strengths and overcoming weaknesses to produce results.

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Hey, I'm Stephen Box

Meet Men's Health Coach, Stephen Box, founder of Unshakable Habits and the host of the Unshakable Habits Podcast.

Stephen's own remarkable 80lb weight loss story became the cornerstone of his passion for helping others achieve their health goals. Holding the prestigious title of a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), he brings over a decade of expertise to his mission of guiding men towards prioritizing their physical and mental well-being.

His pursuit of excellence is showcased through an impressive array of certifications, including those of an Elite Fitness Trainer, PN Level 2 Master Health Coach, Online Fitness Trainer, Sports Nutritionist, and Sleep, Stress Management, and Recovery Coach.

This comprehensive skill set allows Stephen to address health and wellness from a 360-degree perspective, ensuring that no aspect of well-being is overlooked.

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